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Brave is out now!!!! 

The single is out now!  It's available on all streaming music services and you can link over to it by following this link;

We also released a video on Youtube that you can check out;

Some other great news on the radio front, we have been picked up by 12 stationis so far!  Some of the bigger markets include Detroit and Tampa, but I want to give a huge shoutout to all stations that have picked us up.  Look out for call outs on out FB and IG and if you're in the area make sure to call in and request Brave. 

More to come soon!


"Brave" Set to release July 19th! 

It's been very busy, and I'll be heading to Las Vegas to finish the record next week, but just wanted to drop and line and say that "Brave" will be released next week!  Look for it on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc!

First single sent to mix 

Hello all, just wanted to throw a few things out there.  The first single that will be released on the upcoming album was sent to mix last week.  It is currently being mixed by two different, but equally, fantastic mix engineers to give me options for the final mix of the whole album.  

Tracking has slowed a bit after I broke a rib two weeks ago playing the old Irish sport hurling.  Singing has been wildly uncomfortable, but I have two weeks set aside coming up to finally get the vocals and overdubs tracked and finished.  

In other news, I am still working on the artistic concept for album art, but know that we will at the very least be releasing this as a vinyl record in August.  Cant wait for you all to hear it!


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After a whirlwind 5 days at Nutthouse Studio in Muscle Shoals Alabama I am finally back home.  Gary, Jason, Daniel, and I all got some amazing work done and laid down the foundation for the upcoming album.  Now comes the hard part.  Overdubs, vocal tracking, mixing, mastering, and marketing.  Check out Instagram for photos from the session and sign up to be one of the first to know when I'll be releasing things.  We may have something special in April.  


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